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Riverside County's Contributes to American Legion Posts

May 30, 2023

Riverside County's commitment to honoring and supporting veterans has reached new heights as the County's Community Improvement Designation (CID) Grant expands the Honor Guard Detail program. The recent allocation of the grant has resulted in the awarding of over 100 Honor Guard uniforms, which will be distributed among the 17 American Legion Posts throughout the County. This charitable initiative strengthens the capacity of these posts to pay tribute to fallen comrades and uphold the dignity of military service.

The CID Grant, known for its dedication to enhancing communities and supporting worthy causes, recognizes the vital role of the Honor Guard Detail in preserving the traditions and values of the American Legion. By expanding the program and providing the necessary resources, Riverside County aims to ensure that the fallen veterans receive the highest level of honor and respect they deserve.

The expanded Honor Guard Detail program pays tribute to fallen comrades. It is a symbol of gratitude and appreciation for the sacrifices made by the men and women in uniform. Their dedication and commitment to protecting our nation deserve nothing less than the utmost respect and recognition.

In addition to the expansion of the Honor Guard Detail, Riverside County's Digital Equity Program has furthered its mission of inclusivity and connectivity within the American Legion community. As part of this program, 17 repurposed desktops and laptops have been provided to American Legion Posts throughout the County. This initiative addresses the digital divide and ensures veterans have access to the necessary technological resources.

The contribution of these 17 computers represents an invaluable resource for Legion members, enabling them to connect with fellow veterans, access vital information, and utilize various online tools and platforms. The Riverside County Digital Equity Program recognizes that access to technology is essential in today's interconnected world, and it is committed to empowering American Legion Posts with the tools they need to thrive and serve their community.

The American Legion is the largest Veteran organization in the Nation and ensures that the next generation of Veterans is being serviced adequately. That is why our very own District 21 Commander, David Brambila, will hold a Commander’s College in mid-July in Corona that will provide training to all American Legion Post Commanders, Vice Commanders, and their Executive Board for all Southern California. For more information on the American Legion District 21 California, please visit

With the combined efforts of the CID Grant, the Digital Equity Program, and our District 21 Commander, Riverside County continues to reflect its unwavering commitment to veterans and their well-being. By expanding the Honor Guard Detail and providing essential digital resources, the County ensures that the American Legion Posts can fulfill their duty to honor fallen comrades while embracing the advancements of the digital age. Riverside County stands as a shining example of how communities can come together to support and uplift those who have served our nation with distinction and honor.

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